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The Most Successful People On The Planet— the GameBreakers— Have One Thing in Common: Nothing Can Stop Them

For those who have extended their participation in selling beyond just a career, to making it their passion, no truer statement.

An unexpected quality associated with these hyper-successful salesmen is they fail more often than do unsuccessful salesman—for a different reason.

What the GameBreaker Knows

The unsuccessful salesman sees failure as defeat; the exceptionally successful salesman—the GameBreaker—knows succeeding requires failed attempts. And remarkable success attaches a greater number of failed attempts a concept not unique to sales. Any form of sport where the participant has in mind winning, is familiar with the condition.

All activities dependent on developed skills rely on mistakes made as essential to achievement of impressive outcomes. Succeeding results from a commitment to accepting nothing less than accomplishing what you set out to do. If there is a single outstanding argument for all-out personal self-improvement pursuit it’s represented among individuals who have achieved remarkable success.

What GameBreakers Are Made Of

Successful salesmen begin a transaction with succeeding as a mindset. When rejection, in the form of objections, is encountered there is no change in their attitude. To the contrary, they become more determined – push, strain, compete, double the effort, redouble the effort, triple the effort…— whatever is required. They are universally individuals who persevere after others have abandoned what they determined to be a losing cause.

The Genesis of the driving force behind this group – perseverance – is uncertain. It’s been discussed by philosophers since the beginnings of written Western thought. A synonym for persistence – perseverance is a highly regarded human quality. But the successful salesman has historically been known as notably, sometimes forcibly, persistent.

The Art of Persistence

Persistence can be mistaken for aggressiveness, but is significantly distinguishable: aggressiveness is the pursuit of a position at all costs; persistence is assertive, an unwillingness to give up when the emotions are screaming, “Quit!”

Both are recognized as statements of a not-to-be-denied attitude, but aggressiveness may be overbearing; persistence is not loud, boastful, self-promoting, or seeking to promote a pet project or view. It just won’t be denied. If six, seven, eight … calls on the same customer prospect are required to make the sale, “whatever it takes” is the only answer. It’s just part of the sale process.

An unstoppable attitude play a considerable part in defining a GameBreaker—that individual who always seems to get the sale. The one who makes it appear effortless in the process.

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