You are not unusual if a selling role is not an immediately comfortable fit.

Selling Skills

Selling skills center about behaviors, with skills required of selling not perfected at once; they’re acquired through a process. One focused considerably on change in a few, probably comfortable, legacy behaviors.

One such common behavior—when a tendency to avoid confrontation is a preference, you are not unusual. But a first change in selling behaviors is development of an assertive style. Assertiveness, not to be confused with aggressiveness, is a hallmark of highly successful salespeople. But the process of developing an assertive style attaches one fairly significant hang-up: fear.

Overcoming a Regular Fear

Overcoming one of anyone’s favorite fears—being told no—requires a reset of a built-in response that begins in early childhood, and carries over into adulthood. The fear is irrational, but nevertheless real, and is a serious inhibitor to the ability to actively pursue, and close, a sale.

If you’re saddled with a fear of no, recognize it for what it is—a totally irrational, self-caused, limitation when assertiveness is at its most critical—when prospecting for individuals in need of your product, or time to close a sale. Then make a resolution: “I will not allow old, irrational hang-ups to get in my way.” Now act on it–in the form of an affirmation. Refer to it daily, until it becomes a part of you.

It may take a while for comfort to develop. But, know at the outset—you can do this.


Ron Brock

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