Just Exactly What Should a Salesman, and a Sales Personality, Look Like?

In most people’s image a salesman is alternately romanticized, and vilified, neither viewpoint entirely correct. Spontaneity, intense emotion, attractive appearance, outgoing personality, instant persuasion at the drop of a hat… All contribute to the positive view of a born salesman’s image.

This “destined-to-be-a-salesman” type shares an image with politicians – substance not required – heavy emphasis on form. Form – composed of outgoing personality, and attractive appearance – is to selling what cosmetics are to the face; substance is what diet and exercise are to the body.

But we leave this group, to the true salesmen, the ones who stand out above all others – the Game- Breakers. These high-powered individuals often don’t live up to the popular image of a salesman. True they are universally really get-after-it sorts, but they are just as likely to exude a cool, inbuilt superiority, individuals who quietly go about their work in a manner completely opposite to the outgoing everybody-loves-me type making up the born-salesman cliché.

Of course, consistent with the stereotypical image of a salesman, a GameBreaker can be the sort who gives the impression of taking daily shots of testosterone – volatile and emotional, projecting a powerful presence.

But GameBreakers can just as well be a straightforward type, full of idiosyncrasies, possessed of a no-nonsense style, serious, ultra-studious, and completely disciplined. People are drawn to them for their superiority of technical knowledge, and thoroughness of approach to their activities. Oozing competence and quiet confidence, the sales task is performed by this GameBreaker-version with Ivy League thoroughness.

Both individuals subscribe to the philosophy, whatever it takes. And each near universally has a system, is sensitive to others, is considerate without being fussy, displays a well-developed power to endure, and inspires others’ trust and confidence. Most individuals who achieve notable success – those representatives of society’s winners – share the GameBreaker’s attitudes and behaviors.

My book, GameBreaker, includes a full-range of behaviors typical of this group, the behaviors that can sink a selling career before it can begin. Order here.


Ron Brock

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