Great Selling Begins With a Grassroots Understanding Of the Qualities That Constitute a Superior salesman

Contrary to popular opinion, salesmen come in all types. Consistent with the stereotypical image of a salesman, top echelon salesmen can be the sort who gives the appearance of taking daily shots of testosterone – volatile and emotional, projecting a powerful presence.

But a GameBreaker type—the individual who stands above the crowd, who always makes the sale can just as well be straightforward, full of idiosyncrasies, possessed of a no-nonsense style—serious, ultra-studious, and completely disciplined. People are drawn to them for their superiority of technical knowledge, and thoroughness of approach to their activities. Oozing competence and quiet confidence, the sales task is performed by this GameBreaker-version with Ivy League thoroughness.

Both individuals subscribe to the philosophy, whatever it takes. And each near universally has a system, is sensitive to others, is considerate without being fussy, displays a well-developed power to endure, and inspires others’ trust and confidence. Most individuals who achieve notable success – those representatives of society’s winners – share these high-powered individual’s attitudes and behaviors.

And while considerably different in temperament, both types—representing opposite ends of the personality spectrum—are endowed with an audacity and self-confidence exhibited by great performers among all professions. One might be the top-down, hard-nosed, kick-ass-and-take-names-later type; the other, more reasoned, less emotional. One becomes one type of salesman the other, another type.

It’s not that one is weak on enthusiasm, or the other has no analytical capabilities. It’s just that one’s strengths lean more on emotions, the other, primarily strategy. Each representing a radically different side of selling’s human equation.

Both combine distinctive genius with a unique set of flaws. And both have what it takes in the best sense of the phrase. You’ve seen them – elemental beings who act as pure force:

     Possessing extraordinary capability for gaining control of a situation;

     Knowing they are the ultimate force behind positive outcomes;

     Maintaining a near constant imperative for action;

     Recognizing the circumstances they face from day-to-day are never the same;

     Knowing there is a younger, just as cold-blooded, player always moving to challenge the reigning      gunslinger;

     A bad day doesn’t trigger a horizon-filling stampede, succumbing to negative thoughts;

     Knowing when a developed behavior suited to the occasion is positive, thinking is not required.

It’s no easy road to becoming the salesman everyone talks about as being the best in the business. It’s challenging. But one fact is certain: there are quiet sales types, and there are bombastic sales types. Some salesmen are analytical, some are impulsive, some are tough as nails. And all display a common grit – an intense drive for personal growth, and to excel at the craft.

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Ron Brock

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