Jan 2017

Do You Approach A Sale As Though the World Was Coming to An End?

Of Course You Do. And Why Wouldn’t You? Selling success is a derivation— from the same toughness of will that applies to succeeding at any competitive endeavor requiring overcoming obstacles to achieve an end-result. Selling is at the pinnacle of the business world’s most negative, consequently most challenging, occupations. Rejection, the order of every salesman’s day, attaches both extreme challenge and extreme satisfaction. Few professions...


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Oct 2016

GameBreaker Is Now Live!

Hello. This note is about my just-completed book – GameBreaker – dedicated to how to develop the selling skills attributed to world-class salesman. I’m excited about GameBreaker because GameBreaker’s specific purpose – how any individual – including those of only average looks and personality – can become a salesman of exceptional capability. GameBreaker has just become available through Amazon....

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