Build Your Personal Brand—An Imposing, Edgy Style

When you make a sales call you’re selling two products: yourself – a personal brand you have so carefully cultivated – and the product you represent, and have determined fills the prospect’s need so well.

Your personal brand makes you stand out from your competition – the others who are equally intent on making the same sale you are pursuing. Your personal brand is defined by competence in your:

Expert knowledge of your product’s need-satisfying qualities;

Ability to illustrate how your product differentiates from the competition; and

Expert ability to engage the prospect, present a compelling case in the form of a story,      and close the sale.

You’re not unusual if a selling role is, or was, not an immediately comfortable fit. The condition is near universal to anyone who has ever seriously taken on selling as a profession. But, whether you are new to selling, or simply interested in polishing your selling skills, a few critical behaviors which, taken together, can go a long way toward building an imposing, edgy style:

Acquire a definite statement of purpose:

What type of business do you want to own? You have a plan. You believe it can be done. And you hold yourself accountable. Having a clear vision of a direction inspires; work becomes enjoyable, rather than a chore.

Go the extra mile:

Give more, get more. The difference between a 90% effort, and 110%, is the equivalent value of getting a “C”, or an “A,” in the class.

Expect, and learn from, defeat:

Expect to be schooled a bit from time-to-time, particularly at first. Those lessons learned will serve you well. The courage to fail big attaches potential for big success. Coping with failure builds strength of character, and, with it, confidence.

Develop a likable style:

People prefer to do business with individuals they like, people who are cheerful, and considerate.

Develop your creative ability:

An ability to see something differently than others have seen it adds considerably to enhancing a competitive advantage.

Focus your attention:

Take the time necessary to do things right. The result will be acquiring a reputation for excellence.

Remedy self-defeating behaviors:

Aou will be much more effective in everything you do. Examples: procrastination; lack of preparation; poor follow-through; not learning from mistakes; being knowledgeable, but lacking interpersonal skills; trying to be liked by always saying yes, even when you want to say no; having unrealistic expectations

Form the necessary habits:

Work ethic, dedication to excellence, commitment to closing every prospect … Habits, good or bad, are acquired in the same manner—through repetition.

Develop a self-assured demeanor:

A manner inspiring a trust and confidence that moves people to want to do business with you.

Skill required of selling is not perfected at once, you grow into it. It’s not that any of this is hard, it’s just new. The learning process will result in mistakes being made, some with enthusiastically supported preliminary confidence.

Mastering the personal brand development process is a reasonable objective so long as the application remains continued personal growth rather than an assumed reaching of the mountain’s peak. The pursuit of excellence in what you do never ends

In taking on what may occasionally look like an impossible terrain, take it one piece at a time. The need isn’t to be super-aggressive, just to develop the courage attached to super-confident. You work hard, you out-prepare everyone else – you’re going to succeed.

Today you get a little better from having made a mistake or two yesterday; tomorrow, what you learn from today’s errors will apply incrementally to improving your brand.


Ron Brock

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