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I hope you find the GameBreaker website to be useful, a place where you can receive suggestions for your selling activity, or ideas that could be of value to your real estate, insurance, or general sales activities.

My reason for this blog is to share a few thoughts on developing your selling skills, and, if you like, to answer any questions you may have regarding positioning of the product you are selling —how to frame its strengths to best advantage to making a sale. There is no intent to sell seminars, or place your name on a mailing list for future reference.

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Guide to World-Class Selling

While writing GameBreaker I was often asked if GameBreaker’s topic was “How to Sell?” The answer was “yes, but more correctly, how an inexperienced individual, even one of apparent limited potential, can acquire the unique skills common to very successful individuals?”

Beyond sale-process components, GameBreaker focuses on those behaviors common to selling’s elite – individuals described as GameBreakers— and how anyone, with what may be apparent limitations in social style or personal appearance—can acquire, and make effective use of, those characteristics.

GameBreaker addresses how to become that person..

About Ron Brock

Let me tell you a few things about myself. Not much, but enough.

In addition to 50 years mostly spent in sales positions, or positions responsible for sales, I have, in my time, peddled newspapers on a street corner; delivered newspapers; worked in an array of restaurants as grill cook, dishwasher, soda jerk, busboy, and waiter; worked construction in a variety of roles; found work one summer as a Colorado ranch wrangler; and served as a NASA student engineering Summer intern.

All, in some way, enabled graduation with a degree in Marketing and Selling from Arizona State University’s W. P. Carey School of Business.

My professional career began in corporate sales, transitioned into sales management and marketing management, then took a detour into commercial real estate sales, and sales training.

The career path I chose had its share of dragons and moat monsters, all of which were necessary to delivering an experience which evolved into as much avocation as vocation. I loved selling in the way a professional athlete loves his sport.

In 1995, when the World Wide Web was announced, it became apparent that it answered an unfilled need – technology, previously unavailable, directly applicable to real estate solutions. The result—formation of Pierce-Eislen, a company organized to take advantage of the opportunity—initiated its first market in February, 2001.

In 2013, Pierce-Eislen, then a national company serving the commercial real estate industry, was merged into Yardi Systems, allowing me to retire and turn my attention to other things.